Hopeful Changes After The Move In June.

I’ve made the most out of this rather trying last year or so since the switch with The Peak at Co-op Radio.

I’ve had to come up with ingenius methods of getting new music on the air, as a lot of it is in digital form, and relying on the internet too much can be pure folly.

I’ve used my digital player/recorder to put sets of music together, as I’m either setting up a live act, or searching for info online. It’s been a handy machine, even though it is very delicate, and the mics have fallen out of it. It’s still good for recording and playing music online and on-air.  Without it, I would be screwed. haha

zoom h1

Since the upgrades have yet to be put in place, such as: an off-line computer program to drag and drop tracks into a play-list, and put on ‘auto-pilot’ when needed….and the fact I don’t have the luxury of having everything on CD ,or any one format, this has been the drill. haha

Since we’re moving again ,in June of this new year 0f 2014, the strides for a permanent set up for live music, and equipment upgrades has been put on hold.

The Portland Hotel Society, which owns the building, is in the process of undergoing renovations to the former Sunrise Hotel, which means Co-op has to find a new place ,for a year or so or longer, since we can’t stay during the renovations. Though we can come back in year or so.

I’m hoping we find another, better place we can stay at, and not move back, as the on-air studios at our current location on Columbia street, are too small for full on live bands.

Furthermore, the set up in the current control room would have to be altered ,once again, to accommodate a permanent live music set up, if we were to move back.

I’m not the first one to suggest we get out of the downtown eastside and move somewhere closer to the districts of Commercial drive or South Main, if we can find rent which isn’t too rediculous.

Rents are starting to sky-rocket in the downtown eastside and ,not to mention, programmers and guests at Co-op Radio, are growing a little tired of having to constantly be careful not to hit people in the ass, sitting on the stoop in front of Co-op’s front door on their way out of the station.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope we get a place where the upgrades, and more live music, can finally be fully realized.



~ by bandcouver on January 5, 2014.

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